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Welcome to The Idea Collective

This is where Small Business Owners collaborate to gain an almost unfair competitive edge.

About The Idea Collective

Running a Small Business can be lonely and hard. There seems to be a limitless place for Small Business Owners to network, but where do you go when you want to learn, collaborate and engage with other Owners that are on the same journey as you? Maybe you've tried to read books, watch videos or leverage networking relationships for "advice," to no avail. When you go it alone, there are time when you just need some support so you can make a tough decision, get clarity on your next step or simply reignite your passion.

I didn't know where that place, I'm building it.
The Idea Collective is a place for entrepreneurs to work together to master the Art of running a Small Business. 

But, this group, just like your business requires you to jump in and take an active role. You need to show up and collaborate, give, listen, support, dream and encourage. If we do that, we'll have the community I envision and you'll have a new resource that will quickly become your favorite part of the day. 

The group is a private social network - off facebook - where you can be yourself, share freely and not worry that your questions and concerns will be shared with your customers or the world. When used correctly, the Idea Collective is an app on your phone and a business network like you've never experienced before.

READ ME: The community standards

Before I tell you what we're going to do in the community, don't read any further if you can't agree and abide by these community standards:

Be a Nice Person - Don't be a jerk. Simple, right?

Support & Give - We are all here because we have weak spots and areas on which we'd like to improve. If we build the community large enough, we will have a diverse group of professionals that can fill every possible professional gap. Please, give your expertise, and I promise it will come back to you,

Engage - You get out what you put into this community. If you're going to log in once a week and browse around, you aren't going to get value from this group. Jump in, comment, share, compliment, build and interact.

Don't Sell - There will be times and places for you to promote your services and offerings. In fact, we want every member to find authentic business connections and new sales here. But, those connections will be earned through engagement and support. Please don't blatantly promote. 

Listen - For you to get the most out of a community built on engagement, you're going to have to sit back and realize some people - maybe someone you barely know - has an answer you hadn't considered. Listen to the feedback you're given and you'll be better off because of it.

Have Fun - This isn't Harvard Business School. Nobody is going to judge you for mixing in some pleasure with business. Let's have a good time AND make some money. 

There are two choices after reading the Community Standards...either feel fired up because you've found your new home, or, close the web page and search someplace else. 

Why You Should Join

Okay, you're reading on! Cool, you're not a jerk and you're coming to the group with giving and support in mind. Awesome. From here on in is where the GOOD STUFF is hidden. Here's what you'll get out of the community:

1. Participate in conversations and events you can't get anywhere else.

2. Create professional allies who share your passion for Small Business and accomplishing goals.

3. Speed up your learning curve and make better decisions with input of other accomplished, experienced colleagues.

4. Set goals, get accountability, share experiences and celebrate success.

5. Thought provoking discussions and expert perspectives 

Plus, you'll have access to Pat with the weekly "Small Business Rally Point" meeting and "Idea Slam" brainstorming sessions, and new classes to get the ideas and game-changing insights you need - right when you need them. 

A Big Thanks

The Idea Collective is the next generation of the original Idea Coach Community, The Brand Crafted Social Club. Brand Crafted is a local, networking group in Milwaukee. The members of Brand Crafted are smart, fun and definitely interested in growing. This group will take the Brand Crafted group to the next level with enhanced conversation, educational opportunities and more. Thank you to the Brand Crafted members and we hope to see you in the new group.

I'd also like to thank our newly minted Moderators for the Idea Collective: 

Jennifer Buchholz, Cheryl Litvin and Michael Creed

Our moderators have a unique perspective and share the values of the group. We will be better off with them helping to lead the group. I'm grateful for their participation.

So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to jump in, act and take your business to the next level?

See you in the Idea Collective.

About Pat Miller, the Host of the Idea Collective

I'm Pat Miller, the Idea Coach and your host for the Idea Collective. I'm passionate about creating new ideas and helping others. Ideas are the soul of problem solving and they come to life when you connect the disconnected. To see a solution that others miss is a thrill that keeps me fired up...I'm almost daring the world to serve up the next impossible challenge. 

That's why I left the corporate world of broadcast radio after 20+ years. I wanted to take on the challenge of building my own company to go to battle with my Small Business Clients. Together, I help them better understand their customers and in turn, better understand their businesses. Together, we improve their marketing and make authentic connections with their customers. The work results in product positioning and campaigns that cut through and drive sales.

The Doors Are Closing...get in here!

The Idea Collective doors are closing to new members on July 27 at 3pm. Don't miss your chance to get the support and accountability you need to grow your business. And, if you get in by July 27th, you'll get to be a part of our exclusive event with best-selling author Mike Michalowicz! Mike's presentation is called "Different is better: How to make your business the niche leader, instantly." As a member, you'll get in for free!  

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