Idea Collective Small Business Community

The premier problem solving group for Small Business Owners.

Imagine being a part of a give-first group of successful small business owners who answer your questions, cheer you on and challenge you to think big. It's like no place else.

The Idea Collective Small Business Community provide key outcomes:
End frustration with a safe place to be vulnerable and ask for help
Battle imposter syndrome with real connection and support
End isolation and build a network to earn referrals to support your business growth

How do we do it?
25+ interactive meetings each month to solve problems, earn referrals & get stuff done
Weekly live networking meetings to find power partners & earn new business relationships
24x7 Message Board for instant feedback and support with your most nagging questions
Our "six-figure vault" has over 200 hours of events, trainings and classes on demand
Including sessions w/Mel Robbins, Mike Michalowicz, Jesse Cole, Precious L. Williams & More
Quarterly Challenges, an Annual In-Person Retreat and Much More
Syndicated Problem Solving Radio Show hosted by our founder
Pat Miller - The Idea Coach

The Principles we demand of members:
Abundance - Everyone can be successful if we collaborate and grow together
Positive Mindset - We celebrate wins and encourage everyone to focus on the positive
Support - It's important to ask for help and provide it generously
Engagement - Members of the community are expected to log-in regularly to offer support

Behavior we won't tolerate:
Condescension - Asking for help takes courage, our members deserve caring feedback
Sales Pitches - Our community is an oasis since we prohibit sales pitches and spamming
Bystanders - As a member, you're expected to contribute and be a positive part of the group

Only other Small Business Owners understand what you're going through on a daily basis. Now is your chance to get plugged in to this worldwide community!

If you want more information prior to joining - CLICK HERE
What is our WHY? Check out our founder's TEDx Talk about Small Business Owners

"I just want to say how amazing this group is. I'm in my third week and I've gotten so much from this group already by just showing up to events. Today was a power packed day! Thank you all!" - Michelle


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